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Church Loan

General Information Financials    

Financial - statements of the church's last three fiscal years and current period (if available) including income statements and balance sheets.

Appraisal  -  Estimated appraisal value of the property to be mortgaged to secure the financing. If an appraisal is not available, we will consider the book value or other indicators as part of our preliminary evaluation.

Use of Proceeds  - An itemized list of the intended use of the requested loan proceeds.

History -   A brief history of the church including date of origin, denominational affiliation, if any, and adult membership and attendance figures.

Resume  -  A brief resume or biography of the church's senior pastor.

Project  - A brief description of the proposed construction or renovation project (if applicable).


Loan to Value - The loan amount should not exceed 70 - 75% of the value of the church property as completed.

Loan Size - The loan amount should normally not exceed three times the church's last fiscal year's total support and revenue.

Ability to Repay -   The church must demonstrate the ability during its preceding two fiscal periods to comfortably repay the anticipated mortgage loan.

Construction -   In renovation or construction projects, the church must engage an independent general contractor under a firm-fixed-price contract.

Non-Profit Corporation -   Loans are only available to organizations that the Internal Revenue Service classifies as "non-profit" 501(c)(3) organizations

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